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NEEDING: Caldwell Care Network Provide-A-Ride Volunteers

The Provide-a-Ride portion of CCN is for people 60 years old or older needing transportation for medical and essential needs only. Medical appointments such as doctor, dentist, eye, chiropractic, physical therapy, blood work, and special tests are valid reasons. Use of local service providers is strongly encouraged. When required, these appointments may be at a location up to 75 miles one way, or a maximum of 150 miles per trip. For example, appointments in Wichita, Enid, Winfield, Arkansas City, Wellington, etc. may be authorized. All transportation is provided on a volunteer basis.

Volunteers in the Provide-a-Ride program use their own vehicles. They donate their time, but are reimbursed for mileage at established rates. Funds for mileage reimbursement come from two sources. First, our actual mileage records are submitted to Sumner County Senior Services, and second, we receive generous donations from private sources, such as Memorials and prior "customers" who wish to express their appreciation. These funds are retained in our account and used for mileage reimbursement and for purchase of loaner equipment when needed and approved by the Directors.

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