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May 2023 Employee of the Month: Jessica Wolverton

Jessica has been nominated by her coworkers for always wearing a smile, even when she is over taken by stress; she remains friendly to staff and patients and is always striving to please. She is always bright and cheerful and goes above and beyond to help coworkers, visitors, and most especially, our patients! Even when she is swamped with her own work, she takes the time to help others and does this with a smile on her face. Jessica happily participates in the Infection Prevention Committee, understanding that housekeeping is a major piece in preventing hospital acquired infections. She takes her job as a housekeeper very seriously and not only wants to maintain our beautiful facility through cleanliness, but also provide an environmentally safe facility for everyone who enters. Jessica never hesitates to ask questions, and she engages in conversations that lead to both communication and process improvement. She is always appreciative of any help that coworkers give her and is such an awesome part of our team, always encouraging others. Congrats, and thank you for being such a hard worker and great employee, Jessica!

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