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KHA Media Release: Top Health Care Careers in Kansas

New Guide Highlights 30 Most In-Demand Health Care Careers

The Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Board of Regents have again teamed up to create the Top Health Care Careers in Kansas . This guide highlights the 30 most in-demand health care careers with projected employment through 2028. This resource is a comprehensive snapshot of the health care job outlook in Kansas and a great starting point for those embarking on an educational journey or wanting a career change.

The easy-to-review guide shows health care career options sorted by education level. It displays hourly and annual salaries for each position and projects annual job openings and future demand. It also includes summaries of duties and titles for each specialty. Currently, 240,000, or 12 percent of the Kansas workforce, have careers in health care. There are opportunities beckoning at every level. Kansas hospital leaders recognize action must be taken now to fuel the health care workforce pipeline.

Consider the following:

• The population of Kansas is expected to grow by 28.8 percent by 2070.

• Kansans over the age of 65 are projected to double over the next 50 years.

• The average age of most practicing health care professionals is over 40 years.

The Kansas Hospital Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization existing to be the leading advocate and resource for members. KHA membership includes 228 member facilities, of which 122 are full-service, community hospitals. Founded in 1910, KHA’s vision is: “Optimal Health for Kansans.”

For further information:

Contact - Cindy Samuelson

Mobile - (785) 249-1727

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