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Building for the Future

November 4th, 2021 was a day for the history books! It was exciting to see all the hard work from the past couple of years come to fruition! Finally being able to break ground on such a momentous project sent a huge wave of eagerness and triumph through all who have been such a huge part in making this dream become a reality. Although this step was just one in many still to come it definitely was the beginning to a very exciting future to healthcare in Caldwell and all the surrounding communities! We have lots of work ahead of us but seeing that dirt finally turned we could not be more excited for what's to come and we can't wait to tackle those next tasks head on!

Again we want to thank everyone who has shown their support in this project and to all of those who joined us last week! Please be sure to follow our Facebook page and website for exciting updates throughout the construction process!


Board of Trustees and CEO

(L to R) Marshall Love; Marla Nispel; Dean Bruey; Mary Overall, Secretary; Brooke Bollman, CEO; Duane Nulik, Chairman; Roxanne Hustler, Vice-Chair; Pam Lungren; Joel Hudson; Clifton Risley

Facility Committee (Appointed by Board of Trustees)

(L to R) Leo Schiltz; Pam Schneider; Misty Duncan; Rachel Sproul; Brooke Bollman; Mary Overall; Gage Overall; Duane Nulik; Pam Lungren; Joel Hudson


We are excited to be bringing a brand new facility to Caldwell and the surrounding communities in 2023! This new facility will ensure quality healthcare to the area for years to come. We are looking forward to having more room and expanding services to our patrons! Please watch this page and our Facebook page for updates! We want to take you along on this journey! Official groundbreaking is scheduled for November 4th, 2021!! 

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Walk In ER Entrance

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Ambulance Entrance

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Dining Room

Front View

Front view as you drive in

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Main Entrance


Registration and Entrance to Rural Health Clinic

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Waiting Area

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Outside Dining Area

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Sunflower Cottage Entrance

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