October 2019 Hospital Board Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 23, 2019

     Duane Nulik, Chairman opened the regular October monthly meeting of the Sumner County Hospital District #1 Board of Directors at the Kerr Family EMS Building at 7:00 p.m. on October 23, 2019 with the following Board members present: Duane Nulik, Chairman; Mary Overall, Roxanne Hutsler, Vice Chairman; Marshall Love, Finance Chairman; Dean Bruey, Marla Nispel and Pam Lungren. Absent were Dean Bruey and Clifton Risley. Also present were Lynn Kriowles, Recording Secretary; Brooke Bollman, Interim Administrator; Julie Hutchinson, Nlki Lamb, Joyce Marcrum amd Pam Schneider.

     Duane Nulik, Chairman called the meeting to order. Duane presented the agenda for approval. Marshall Love made a motion and was seconded by Roxanne Hutsler to approve the agenda as presented, motion carried.

     Duane Nulik, Chairman presented the minutes of the September 25, 2019 Board meeting for approval. With no addition or corrections the minutes were approved as presented.The Board of Directors acknowledged the September minutes for PfAC Committee, Finance Committee and Medical Staff.

     Public Comments: none

     Brooke Bollman, Interim Administrator reported that several employees have attended training and webinars this month. Kaitlyn Greve attended the KHA Fall District Meeting. Brooke met with Azalea Health to discuss their EHR product and will be providing the departments with demos on October 30-31. We will be wrapping up our Revenue Cycle project on November 6. The Hospital Office has been reviewing the Charity Care Policy and working on the Charge Master Review. Brooke will be starting on the 2020 Operational and Capital Budget. Brooke Bollman was voted Employee of the Month for October. The Hospital has had several applicants for the Administrator and HR/Payroll positions. Emplovees have attended severalevents this month including a Career Fair, Hospital Tour and Supper and the Wesley Vendor Fair. Upcoming events include a Lunch and Learn on November 13.

     Brooke Bollman presented to the Board of Directors a Service Agreeme nt from Honeywell for 2020 and a quote to upgrade the Temperature Control System panel. Mary Over.all made a motion and was seconded by Marla Nispel to purchase the Service Agreement for 2020 in the amount of $39,000.00 and upgrade the XL-100 Temperature Control System panel in the amount of $4892.00, motion carried.

     Brooke Bollman, Finance Director presented the Check Register, Credit Card Statements, Financials, and Stats for review. After some discussion Roxanne Hutsler made a motion and was seconded by Mary Overall to approve the Financials as presented, motion carried.

     Brooke Bollman, Interim Administr ator presented the finding from the Cost Report Review that was done by Wendling,Nelson, Noe and Johnson. They provided a few suggestions for the Cost Report and these will be passed on to our auditor Paul Bowerman.

     Duane Nulik, Chairman inquired about Meaningful Use Stage 3. After some discussion Niki Lamb will bring more information to the November meeting.

     Brooke Bollman, Interim Administrator requested the Board of Directors approve plans for the Hospital Christmas party on December 13 at Sugar Sisters. With the Board approval Brooke will make arrangements with Michelle Schiltz.

     Brooke Bollman, Interim Administrator reported on the applicants for the Administrators position and they will be doing interviews in the next two weeks.

     The Board of Directors voted to move the November 27 meeting to November 20 at 7:00 pm. With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

-Lynn Knowles, Recording Secretary